Quickly come….quickly go!

Wow, like all good blood tests, that didn’t feel like long at all!

However, blood tests make you feel terrible…what, with the needle poking and all the blood….but you know you’re doing a good thing in your soul….this tour was more like the second part of that haemo-analogy only…was good for our souls and hopefully yours too!

We are so happy that you allowed us to indulge in such a grand scale of rockin and rollin’ and we really enjoyed your company very much. We also we really enjoyed the company of Silversun Pickups (quite possibly the sweetest band of souls we have met), and our younger musical friends in The Chemist! (oh and Emperors In Perth). We really hope that from start to end of each night, that peeps had a great time / show. We sure did! I drank lots of gin and dirty martinis…which is a sign of good times as i dont normally drink much at all. I can’t speak for the others however! Ha!

Huge thanks for everyone in the massive touring party too…a particular nod to the Hugo Chavez Regime also…we love you!

We now have much more to prepare for, but just wanted to say thanks for sharing (yet again) with us. I don’t think we will ever get tired of thanking people for support. You afford us the most creative headspace and parallel movements in the world. You fucking fascinating and handsome people…boys and girls….girls can be handsome too.

Adam s. + flock of peanuts.

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Two Weeks ’til Tour

Ahoy, from the Birds rehearsal lagoon of wires and lights. To be honest, this setup is more akin to pale guys floating around on blow up crocodiles.

You know the ones? The kind where you lay on them all day in the pool and get all sunburnt. Well, that sucks, but it’s relaxing….and we are really relaxed…times are good!

We are finding really cool and interesting ways to present some of our material for upcoming shows / festivals and the like. The reason you ask? Because it’s interesting for us…and hopefully for you guys too!

The general feeling in the Birds of Tokyo camp at the moment is one of positivity and a genuine excitement about forward movements. Despite the fact that as a band, we all kind of live and spend a lot of time in different places these days, we really have found our groove both as a music “pop group” and as people/friends/family/brothers/sisters…you name it. Coffee has never been…beanier? Banana bread has never been more..well, toasted.

Two weeks out from touring now…thanks for listening to the various noises we make and if anyone has one of those blow up crocodiles for real, I want it! I have no pool, but I’m sure they would make a suitable bed, should the need ever arise on the road.

Adam S + BoT

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Thank you

First of all, a very gracious thank you to all those who now own a copy of our new album. Without you guys and girls we wouldn’t be doing what we do best and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this blog right now. We are overwhelmed with the positive response and trust that you will enjoy the way the songs grow with you as they do with us.

If you don’t happen to have a copy yet, all you need is an internet connection and access to a highly illegal downlo, NO NO! – get down to your favourite record store or if mp3s are you’re thing head over to iTunes! Otherwise we may be forced to play one last show on Jacko’s rooftop or something. Did I mention highly illegal…

Well we’ve been busy bodies in camp Birds, particularly in the past few weeks doing press surrounding the albums release. Sparki and I caught up with plenty of our media pals to either be filmed, recorded, pre-recorded, studio bound or poked and prodded with the common goal of talking crap. Put the two of us in a room with Chit Chat and you would swear there’s never been so much ginger go live to air before!

Right now there’s a few emails going back and forth between the band as to what we should include in the setlist for our upcoming tour in Sep/Oct. We all agree that these shows at these amazing venues are going to be our most extensive to date and this set is going to be a journey from start to finish.

So what tunes are going to make the trip around the country and what unlucky compositions will be left behind? Perhaps we can see some demands or crazy reasoning on the facebook page…really we don’t mind a good argument. Although they’re usually settled by whoever is the loudest…so beware coz Sparki usually wins!

Take care and we’ll see y’all soon.

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