Displaced Golden Pipes

Welcome to Radelaide. We landed at the airport and took full advantage to the free airport trollies which is the best thing about Adelaide’s airport.. packed the cars and headed for the hotel.
We were quite excited about the hotel we were staying at because it was rumored that the pool there was a glass bottom tank that hung off the hotel and above the street below but when we arrived it was closed due to the season.. bummer.

We were playing the Gov tonight in Adelaide. Its about an 800 cap room with a kinds semi circle low sitting stage. Its a great venue and we had a good show.. it was a Sunday night but i think Adelaide were still pissed.. hehe good on em.

The next show wasn’t for a few days so i thought i’d go out for a quiet drink with some good friends from A- town..

Some where something went horribly wrong…

The next thing i know i’m stumbling through the hotel lobby at 9.30am as the receptionist looks on with shame on you written on her face.

With 15 minuets till we leave this will be tough.

At the airport i’m a bit of a mess and my main man Boney Ryan has to keep me together or they wont let me on the plane… whoops

I pass out on the plane and wake up in Perth wishing i was dead.. cant wait till our next visit to A- town.

Posted by : Kenny


The Glorious Enmore

Today we wake in Melbourne after our sold out show at the palace theatre. We get on a plane to Sydney go through the usual airport routines and check into our second home on Crown street.
A fond memory of this hotel is from the Big Day Out 2008, we took Glenn out for his birthday on Oxford street. He got hit on by an adonis of a woman which we later realised was a dood! Upon returning to our top level apartment above Westy and Glenn figure it a good idea to throw the furniture out the window 6 floors down into the pool.

But back to the present, after check in we head over to the venue for set up and soundcheck. The Enmore theatre is a beautiful old building inside and the backstage area is really loungey and comfortable. Check is brief and we head back to the hotel to rest up before the show.

I love playing at the Enmore with its huge standing area and seated upstairs mezzanine. I watch Midnight Youth from the mezzanine, they play a cracker show and the crowd loves them.
Then it is our turn to play and the vibe is electric! Saturday night sold out in Sydney. The set is controlled and tight the audience is loud and alive.

After the show we have a small meet and greet in the front room, have a few vinos then head back to the hoey for some much needed rest.

Tomorrow we are off to Radelaide!

Posted by : Adam Spark


The Palace, Melbourne

Ahhhhh….Melbourne…superstition matters:

Coming off the back of a really vibing first time in New Zealand…it was great to roll into this town with a big show ahead of us at the stunning palace theatre…the downfall of my day started with a bout of shopping…a bunch of us went shopping….Jacko and i paired off (pardon the upcoming pun) to go hunting for some new shoes…sale time meant some killer new leather booooooots for the nights gig. now I’m not usuaaaaaally a superstitious person..karma, somehow =  yes….wives my sorry ass learnt there has to be truth in this somehow…as when we arrived at the venue i plonked my brand new shoes on the band room table…(bad luck they say)…for a second i thought…ooh is this a good idea…and then just thought fuck it…thats silly business to worry about. that was problem no.1. ….problem no.2 everynight without fail, no matter where we are…our sound mixer guru tony ALWAYS comes in right beforehand and yells “JUST WANNA LET YOU KNOW WE’RE ALL COUNTING ON YA!!!!” us…every. single. night…….except tonight. that was problem no.2.

First song. bang. my guitar rig craps out. pedals just die. then two songs later My monitoring rips off my belt. haha what to do but suck it up and laugh…i thought it was my worst show ever. but everyone in the band enjoyed it. the crowd were super supportive and seems to go fairly nuts…which can cure any shit feelings…

So a fairly standard day of shopping, coffee and a show was dwarfed by a massive lesson in making sure you listen to your mother when she tells you not to put your bloody new shoes on a table!
ps. i still love you Melbourne.

Posted by : Adam Spark