Hi Hi-Fi!

Today felt like one of the longest damn days of my life! haha

kenny, diffy and i had to be up at 7am for a live radio acoustic thing at some sports ground here in brisbane…which hurt a little after 3 hours sleep…not even enough time to dream about an entire episode of MASH!
so once the 8am BoT choir of glorious sleep deprived angels were done…we were out. yep, right back to bed. woke some time in the afternoon…rolled over to diffy, gave him a kiss, got out of bed, ate a salad and a few of us paddled over to check out some crazy ass cavern venue for a big tour coming up..(we travel only in boats)…some italian superhunks band were rehearsing a robbie williams song at soundcheck…angels indeed, you creep.

kenny and i then had another interview for a mens magazine with a very deeply voiced man named Bezerker….was actually alot of fun, which, for an interview is quite rare. Tonight was the second night of our shows at the HiFi Bar in town. I hate sitting around so i decided to hop a lift to the venue with Mr Bezerker in his car to the show…we rolled up to the front and I’m pretty sure he parked illegally on the front door…hahah. Like LA valet jerks…without the valet…The band felt really good tonight (and by that I mean i copped a feel of them all in the band room before we went on..mmmmmmm) haha. The crowd really got into it and the room was a big ball of energy. Awesome. I love shows like this. There is one thing on my mind right now though. Sleep. Come to me. I’ve been awake for 20 hours..on the back of 3 hours rest…..mmmMMmmmm…Tonight i will dream of a big pond in a desert, occupied by myself and a few cocktail umbrellas. I’m a cocktail.

Posted by : Adam Spark