Sweet As!

After soaking up the Auckland scenery and greeting Robin Hood with mixed reviews the night before, the band set up at camp in the EMI offices this morning for a bit of an acoustic hit out. Now we’re a relatively sober band these days and try not to drink before lunch time, but the good folk from The Rock and the rest of the departments were well ahead of us. The casual meet and greet looked like we really were just going to have to stay a little bit longer once 18 pizzas and more drinks came out. Luckily for us sound check at the Kings Arms Tavern was beckoning and we were back on path.

Fast forward to after the show (that had to have been one of the sweatiest on record) and holy shit did Auckland represent. We virtually played the same set as the shows in Oz. before hand and the crowd did not miss a word or skip a beat. There were really good vibes going into this show and the brief three night stay was a very welcoming one, but tonight has perhaps suggested we will be visiting again sooner rather than later. Choice as.

Posted by : Adam W