Birds of Tokyo with Special Guests Silversun Pickups

As Birds Of Tokyo hit the virtual treadmill, getting match-fit for their ‘self-titled’ album tour, they do so with a bigger goal in mind than simply running around the block. For as much as this is an album tour, it is most certainly not just that.

Accompanied by LA’s irresistible indie-rock prodigies Silversun Pickups, Birds Of Tokyo will hit Australia’s capital cities in September to launch an album that has already led them twice around the world and back again… their most accomplished recording, brought to the stage in Birds Of Tokyo’s most expansive live show to date.

On July 23, Birds Of Tokyo are set to dominate the charts again when they release their explosive self-titled third studio album: one of the most anticipated releases of 2010! The new album includes first single ‘The Saddest Thing I Know”, their highest charting radio airplay hit ever and next single ‘Plans’ which is released to Australian radio today Monday June 21 ahead of it’s digital release on July 9.

The emotive and timeless ‘Plans’ track was produced by Scot Horscroft (The Presets, Silverchair, The Sleep Jackon), co-produced by Adam Spark from the band and mixed by Michael Brauer (Coldplay, My Morning Jacket and Phoenix).

‘The Saddest Thing I Know’ video is causing all kinds of psychedelic mayhem as the clip was recently released in high definition 3D, one of the first ever! Filmed at Laurel Canyon Stages in the San Fernando Valley, California, the video can be viewed on any screen, including YouTube via computer screens, with the red/green 3D glasses. Check it out for yourself.

Focussing on the new material, but canvassing their entire career; Birds Of Tokyo will pull out all the stops on their upcoming album tour, filling each set-list to capacity with their most engaging & most loved songs.

With the ever-present Birds Of Tokyo twist, this album tour is their every album tour… their newest and most colossal material in all its glory, combined with classic singles and album tracks performed by the band as they are now – bigger, bolder, more refined and more fearless.

And this being Birds Of Tokyo, even the words ‘tour’ or ‘show’ are open to interpretation, because, as we have seen, the band like to make a big impression on the live front.

Comfortable that the audio side of their live performance is in top gear, Birds Of Tokyo are now expanding other elements of their stage craft. Or, as guitarist Adam Spark describes in typical ‘you’ll just have to wait and see’ fashion; a live performance that “will be visually massive…”

To what that refers we shall indeed have to wait and see, but it can be taken on faith that it will be stunning. We know, after all, that Birds Of Tokyo are not in the habit of calling home-runs unless they’re prepared to step up to the plate and belt one.

And from being one of Australia’s most popular touring and festival acts, to being the kind of band that can go from scorching first-time international crowds to reimagining their own work with an orchestra; Birds Of Tokyo are always ready to take a swing.

Three albums in, and the boys are swinging one hell of a big bat.

So with the Silversun Pickups riding shotgun, a new album under their belt, and the tight-lipped promise of a new and massive visual side to their show; Birds Of Tokyo are loading up the van and getting ready to hit the road for a release party to end them all.

For their fans, for themselves, for the fun and for the challenge: Birds Of Tokyo proudly present their 2010 Australian tour – landing in September.