Broken Strings CD & DVD out this Friday

That’s right. This coming Friday 5th February 2010 marks the day ‘Broken Strings’ hits shelves in record stores right around Australia.

For those of you who are thinking “Broken Strings. Wha?”……

“In November 2009, Perth rockers Birds Of Tokyo toured showing a very different and unexpected side to the band. By stripping their music back to the barest framework then rebuilding it with acoustic based sounds and delicate orchestration, Birds of Tokyo created a sonic concept that showcased the complexity and depth in their music, qualities that can often be overlooked in a full tilt rock show.

It was with this sound that Birds Of Tokyo took their Broken Strings show on the road enthralling audiences in sold out venues across the nation. An experience that is now available to own on CD and DVD from the 5th of Febuary 2010.

Working closely with renowned producer, composer and long-time collaborator, Anthony Cormican, who had previously written and arranged strings on the band’s Day One and gold-selling Universes albums – Birds Of Tokyo have taken the wonderful ’90s format of the ‘unplugged’ show, and given it a healthy dose of grandiosity.

Wanting the experience to be more daring and involved than merely picking up acoustic guitars and brushes instead of running with amplifiers and drum sticks; the band performed with a host of instruments – from ukeleles to 12-string guitars specifically incorporating them into an ensemble of string quartet and grand pianist

Intimate and unforgettable; the Broken Strings Tour is Birds Of Tokyo like you’ve never seen them before.”

So there you have it!