Go behind the scenes at the video shoot for ‘When the Night Falls Quiet’ here

“Young adolescence being pulled into a world of peer pressure and delinquency.”

This is how bassist Ian Berney describes the film clip the new single ‘When The Night Falls Quiet’.

Directed by ARIA winner Josh Logue  the clip flits between scenes of a rampaging gang of youths and BoT performing the song in Callan Park Hospital, a former insane asylum in the Sydney suburb of Lillyfield.

The “making of” webisode provides even more insight into the song. Between takes Berney explains, “It was one of the songs on the record that was pieced together by the whole band. We found it together. And it’s about a sense of togetherness, and dealing with the idea of connectiveness.”

Check it out @ HERE

– BoT HQ