I know it’s cliché, but there’s an inviting and almost kooky presence about a hometown crowd and show. Maybe it had something to do with the fact some of us have parents that bring a deck chair into a club at capacity and park their ass where they see fit, or a 60 something that battles their way through the crowds to make front and centre or just the excited flailing of arms up in the top tiers. We just try not to make eye contact otherwise mistakes are bound to be made!

In other news, as Jacko spends 23 waking hours each day on facebook and other chat related programs, there is a ritual like practise that dates back as far as last year, where if Jacko leaves his computer or his phone alone and still logged in, then his account gets sabotaged by any one of us. All sorts of posts are then left for the rest of the community to comment on, but alas it’s usually only a few minutes these days before he finds out on his way to make a status update. What a time to be alive!

Posted by : Adam W