march fires comes out today … it feels like this just snuck up on us … after a couple of years of work, we are really happy to be able to share this with y’all. we thank you for reading, listening, tweetin’ or whatever it is you do … we’re very grateful for all the support we’ve received along the way.

we wanted to share something quite meaningful and spiritual with people + the world on this record … we completely anticipated that people may either love or hate what we are releasing … to be honest, we dig that. have an opinion. we make art that pleases us first and foremost, but with the intention of sharing it with you. we continue to do so and will FOREVER be changing what we do year to year.

birds is a meeting place for the 5 of us to do what we love at any point in time. i consider it an mercurial project of sorts moreso than “the” band … but that’s just me. that dynamic WILL shift constantly … and so will we. if we didn’t have that internal bond we wouldn’t be doing this together. there is so much ground to cover. we feel like we are just getting started … so if you’re on the train at the moment … sit back and enjoy the fast moving mountains out the windows … we certainly are … if you got off at any station … then hope to see you on the train again … this carriage holds many.

love adam s + my avian kinfolk.