Watch the ‘Good Lord’ music video

Hey friends, here’s the clip to ‘Good Lord’. It’s a bloody, physical depiction of the emotional kicking and beating one can endure when going through the toughest of times. You’d be amazed what you can take and what you can walk away from.

Just want to give the director Matt Sav a huge shout out for his killer work on the Good Lord clip. Matt’s direction and skills brought this song to life where I take a serious beating. I still have blood on my sneakers!

Kenny x



‘Good Lord’ rises to #2 on iTunes, #3 on Shazam


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N!ce way to start the day!!! Go l!ttle fellar go!!!! Can P!nk step as!de for a few m!ns and let B!rds take the top spot pleeeeeease?

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‘Good Lord’ new single out now

New single ‘Good Lord’ 💔 out now:

You get married and you think you’re gonna live happily ever after. But one day unexpectedly you see something that literally shatters your whole world. Then you have to spend years trying to put your head and heart back together. I know I’m not the first person to go through it, and unfortunately I won’t be the last, but it still hurt like hell and you can hear that in this song.

– Kenny