hey peeps,

for about 2 years, in and amongst touring and being birds in general (a birds gotta bird!) we have been writing and demoing away for this new body of work. we have just finished up the majority of what we feel is the new record here in los angeles. it’s now time to piece everything together and ready this for everyone’s ears.

i think and hope we will be taking a slightly left approach to rolling it out. the record making has been an amazing journey and i really hope that people will sense the energy, connection, radiance and sheer colourful light that we have tried to capture. as a band we have never been in a more positive and kindred frame of mind … we wanted to create a piece of work that embodies a sense of ‘self’ and its relationship with the social world. the idea of community is a conversation we can never afford to end. we have been afforded so much as a band by the wonderful patrons of our art … that’s probably you. we hope to find ways to give back and connect in a more meaningful way as a sign of thanks in the coming cycle.

we can’t wait to show people the record … and as we gear up for all of that, we thought, what better way to preview a bunch of the new record material in the state we grew up in! there will be more to follow soon enough, but for now we want to let you know we’ll be visiting the “hometown we never see” for a couple of cool shows to fire off this new chapter!

adam s. x