Quickly come….quickly go!

Wow, like all good blood tests, that didn’t feel like long at all!

However, blood tests make you feel terrible…what, with the needle poking and all the blood….but you know you’re doing a good thing in your soul….this tour was more like the second part of that haemo-analogy only…was good for our souls and hopefully yours too!

We are so happy that you allowed us to indulge in such a grand scale of rockin and rollin’ and we really enjoyed your company very much. We also we really enjoyed the company of Silversun Pickups (quite possibly the sweetest band of souls we have met), and our younger musical friends in The Chemist! (oh and Emperors In Perth). We really hope that from start to end of each night, that peeps had a great time / show. We sure did! I drank lots of gin and dirty martinis…which is a sign of good times as i dont normally drink much at all. I can’t speak for the others however! Ha!

Huge thanks for everyone in the massive touring party too…a particular nod to the Hugo Chavez Regime also…we love you!

We now have much more to prepare for, but just wanted to say thanks for sharing (yet again) with us. I don’t think we will ever get tired of thanking people for support. You afford us the most creative headspace and parallel movements in the world. You fucking fascinating and handsome people…boys and girls….girls can be handsome too.

Adam s. + flock of peanuts.

Posted by : Eleven Management