Two Weeks ’til Tour

Ahoy, from the Birds rehearsal lagoon of wires and lights. To be honest, this setup is more akin to pale guys floating around on blow up crocodiles.

You know the ones? The kind where you lay on them all day in the pool and get all sunburnt. Well, that sucks, but it’s relaxing….and we are really relaxed…times are good!

We are finding really cool and interesting ways to present some of our material for upcoming shows / festivals and the like. The reason you ask? Because it’s interesting for us…and hopefully for you guys too!

The general feeling in the Birds of Tokyo camp at the moment is one of positivity and a genuine excitement about forward movements. Despite the fact that as a band, we all kind of live and spend a lot of time in different places these days, we really have found our groove both as a music “pop group” and as people/friends/family/brothers/sisters…you name it. Coffee has never been…beanier? Banana bread has never been more..well, toasted.

Two weeks out from touring now…thanks for listening to the various noises we make and if anyone has one of those blow up crocodiles for real, I want it! I have no pool, but I’m sure they would make a suitable bed, should the need ever arise on the road.

Adam S + BoT

Posted by : Eleven Management