Universes Release in the UK & ‘Broken Bones’ Debuts on UK Radio

Following their Australian success, Birds Of Tokyo are intent on making waves internationally with the independent release of their sophomore album ‘Universes’ on October 26th in the United Kingdom.

Universes’ release follows shortly after that of their fiercely independent debut ‘Day One’ recorded in the remote Margaret River region of Western Australia and then mixed by Tim Palmer (the man behind the more delicate mixes of U2, The Cure and Pearl Jam) in the US, it’s an album that lends itself to the “pop” tag but is undeniably one of grandeur with its alluring expressive texture.

Even in the beginning stages of their fledgling career Birds Of Tokyo have shown their massive appeal with ‘Universes’ racing to Gold status and the band selling out concert halls right across the country.

The album will be preceded by the single ‘Broken Bones’ (released October 19th). ‘Broken Bones’ is an upbeat, immediate anthem. It’s a song that possess razor sharp pop hooks and inescapable melodies whilst still maintaining its raw energy and epic rock feel. The stunning video that accompanies the song was shot using a set originally built for actor and filmmaker Dennis Hopper and was more recently used in the Rob Zombie film The Devil’s Rejects.

Not content with “just another single video” ‘Broken Bones’ is actually the prequel to another album track Silhouettic. Without wanting to give too much away, check both videos for yourself on the media page.’Broken Bones’ made its UK RADIO debut last night on XFMs Rock Show (