Watch the video for new single ‘Weekend’ out now

‘Weekend’ is a song born from a bit of a re-evaluation. Being state-locked through the Covid period I had the time to travel within the state far up through the North-West and right down through the South-West, out through the Wheatbelt and along as much coast line as I could get to. It was a sweet reminder how beautiful our slice of this great country truly is. It brought the same focus back to my home town. Due to Covid I haven’t been home this long or sat this still for over ten years so it was a great time to enjoy the sunny fruits at my doorstep. Bloody lucky really!
The clip was shot in some of my favourite places around Perth which I visit frequently. From Fremantle to the Northern surf beaches where one beach was closed due to a Great White Shark being slighted! Thought it was weird no one was there. We shot over a dozen locations including local street art and murals and a bunch of places I’ve grown up with which I still find quite special. Add in a bit of weird, a few bushchooks and voila! The perfect mix for a good time. Cheers everyone!