What a journey…..

hello people of the interbubble!

adam with the beard here…(well its kinda gone now and all that is left is a dirty mo and some sideburns…how very redneck! awesome)

im not gonna lie to you people…we’re fucking tired! hah…we have racked up a few tours now but after the last 4 weeks i can honestly say that home has never felt so good! good on ya home!

huge thanks to everybody who came out to see us on the wild eyed boy tour…it really was the touring highlight of our bird shaped life so far…we are glad you got to share in our crazy world of rock and roll in such beautiful rooms…was a real hoot!!!

i hope you guys enjoyed all that we could offer..(even despite averaging 3-4 hours sleep a day!)

huge thanks also to the trial kennedy guys are absolute legends and gentlemen!!

in another league again is Tomas Ford….i dont know which planet you came from..but i love you and i think we should all move there together….you gun!

so that was the first half of the month….then it was off to the ole US of America…

we had a great time in Austin, Texas at the lovely SXSW music festival….(well i lie…i was sick for most of it ..but the others lived it up! haha)

while not really a “band competition” it really felt like you were playing at a band competition with 1500 other bands over 3 days….but with awesome vibes from everybody! its a huge fesitval that takes over an entire town….what a buzz!

as a side note, we got taken to a pub: hows this! – a pub in texas, was an old converted gas station, with mexican food, toilets had old 60’s playboy centrefolds on the walls and hubcaps on the walls outside…and all they played all night was The Beatles!!! holy shit!! heaven on earth!!!

ps. Pacifico Beer = Yes.

then off to LA…billy bob thornton was on our plane….thats right…Bad Santa sat just in front of us! haha killer.

thanks to all who came down to support us at the viper room in hollywood….was a fucking awesome fun show….saw vanilla ice….then went to a killer party in the valley!

we took our tour manager to vegas for his bucks party….and its the 2nd time in a year we have hit that place for a party and the score still stands at: VEGAS: 2 / BIRDS: 0…hahaha ouch…

we were also lucky enough to be stuck right in the middle of the qantas strikes yesterday…oh and they managed to lose all of our equipment…awesome! im sure it’ll be fine tho.

so now we are all chilling for a couple of days before the big final show in perth on this friday night…april 3. we are gonna make it a big one so bring your party cups!

some of our really good friends bands are joining us on friday…The Siren Tower and Sparks Vertigo..both brand new bands..and well worth getting down early for..

Tomas Ford is opening again….you cannot miss this maniac. period. …..period. again.

next up?

after friday….we move into our new birds HQ in perth to commence officially working on the new record…it really is my favourite time in the world, writing new music…we have an absolute mountain of music to look at, but the new ones we have been kicking around so far are feeling really special.

its time to embrace who we are: seedy men with beards..or variations of! You can pop over to these guys to find the right grooming products.

cant wait.

thank you all again and cant wait to see our hometown peoples on friday!

lots of jetlagged love!

adam s. on behalf of kenny, mr westy and rear admiral jackson…….BoT.

pps…i have to say a massive touring thanks to rosco, caleb, bony, 7.5, mukany and lomby the lobster…you all know why!!! gurus!