This message comes to you from the citrusy world of the combined collective of the grapefruit gang.

So, it has been a cool couple of months in the Birds glass of gin. Lots of people showing support and saying nice things about us, which is always a nice feeling to say the least. You wonderful peepholes have shown much love by looking after us, and we are really lucky to have such great fans out there. Our record has now gone platinum and little ole’ Plans has pipped over 100,000 beans! Like edamame beans – an amazing starter! And speaking of cucumber in gin, we ended up walking away with our first ever ARIA Award for ‘Best Rock Album’ for 2010. It was pretty cool and again thanks to everyone for showing the love. It was definitely a very weird and unpredictable weekend to say the least!

In other news, the J award is also around the corner and while we have no expectation of winning things – ever – we are really happy to be in some fine company this year. And wish all of our other friends and artists a big congrats on creating some really beautiful work this year. It’s lovely to be thought of in the same company.

It’s a really cool time for the band except for the fact that summer is around the corner. In which case, we’ll all be very hot soon and looking forward to a summer full of festival gins and assorted citrus elements. We can’t wait to hit the Big Day Out festival lap, and we’re very pleased to announced two very special side-shows happening in January in Newcastle and Wollongong. Hoping all you folk can make it down to these very special shows!

Until then…

Grapefruit rules….and so does eggs benedict…
Oh and read playing beatie bow sometime…killer classic little book!

Captain Adam Grapefruit and the Citrus bracelets.

Posted by : Eleven Management