Displaced Golden Pipes

Welcome to Radelaide. We landed at the airport and took full advantage to the free airport trollies which is the best thing about Adelaide’s airport.. packed the cars and headed for the hotel.
We were quite excited about the hotel we were staying at because it was rumored that the pool there was a glass bottom tank that hung off the hotel and above the street below but when we arrived it was closed due to the season.. bummer.

We were playing the Gov tonight in Adelaide. Its about an 800 cap room with a kinds semi circle low sitting stage. Its a great venue and we had a good show.. it was a Sunday night but i think Adelaide were still pissed.. hehe good on em.

The next show wasn’t for a few days so i thought i’d go out for a quiet drink with some good friends from A- town..

Some where something went horribly wrong…

The next thing i know i’m stumbling through the hotel lobby at 9.30am as the receptionist looks on with shame on you written on her face.

With 15 minuets till we leave this will be tough.

At the airport i’m a bit of a mess and my main man Boney Ryan has to keep me together or they wont let me on the plane… whoops

I pass out on the plane and wake up in Perth wishing i was dead.. cant wait till our next visit to A- town.

Posted by : Kenny