Hey Red Nosers,

My how quickly this year has gone, sure we say that every year but 2010 truly has been packed with one adventure after another!

We really can’t be happier that this year’s record has struck a chord with so many of you, so we’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks again as you have all been there each step of the way to keep our sanity in check. There were travels galore with shows abroad and full scale tours at home and 2011 shows so signs of slowing down.

While we’re not usually the most reflective or content bunch, we do realise that through hard work and genuine opportunity we have been fortunate enough to thoroughly enjoy this chapter of our lives, so on that note before we all choose to have our 12th beverage and 15th party pie, always spare a thought and a donation for those in need. Who knows you may end up feeling all warm and fuzzy or that could still be all the food and drink you’ve consumed in one sitting!

So while the Birds of Tokyo journey continues we ask that you stay safe on the roads during the silly season as we’d like to see you again in full voice starting next year at Southbound and Big Day Out!

Much love


Posted by : Eleven Management