The Palace, Melbourne

Ahhhhh….Melbourne…superstition matters:

Coming off the back of a really vibing first time in New Zealand…it was great to roll into this town with a big show ahead of us at the stunning palace theatre…the downfall of my day started with a bout of shopping…a bunch of us went shopping….Jacko and i paired off (pardon the upcoming pun) to go hunting for some new shoes…sale time meant some killer new leather booooooots for the nights gig. now I’m not usuaaaaaally a superstitious person..karma, somehow =  yes….wives my sorry ass learnt there has to be truth in this somehow…as when we arrived at the venue i plonked my brand new shoes on the band room table…(bad luck they say)…for a second i thought…ooh is this a good idea…and then just thought fuck it…thats silly business to worry about. that was problem no.1. ….problem no.2 everynight without fail, no matter where we are…our sound mixer guru tony ALWAYS comes in right beforehand and yells “JUST WANNA LET YOU KNOW WE’RE ALL COUNTING ON YA!!!!” us…every. single. night…….except tonight. that was problem no.2.

First song. bang. my guitar rig craps out. pedals just die. then two songs later My monitoring rips off my belt. haha what to do but suck it up and laugh…i thought it was my worst show ever. but everyone in the band enjoyed it. the crowd were super supportive and seems to go fairly nuts…which can cure any shit feelings…

So a fairly standard day of shopping, coffee and a show was dwarfed by a massive lesson in making sure you listen to your mother when she tells you not to put your bloody new shoes on a table!
ps. i still love you Melbourne.

Posted by : Adam Spark